Behind proxy, "Unable to validate installation id. Problem contacting Bitwarden server."

Trying to stand up an On Premise instance in my lab behind corporate proxies.
I have the squid proxy info configured in both the docker service file and as environment variables for my shell:

[[email protected] ~]# echo $HTTP_PROXY
[[email protected] ~]# echo $HTTPS_PROXY
[[email protected] ~]# systemctl show --property=Environment docker
Environment=HTTP_PROXY=http://firewall.spde.local:3128/ HTTPS_PROXY=http://firewall.spde.local:3128/

The install goes fine, pulls all the docker images and layers, but it can’t validate my Installation ID.

I’ve seen this problem elsewhere in the forums without resolution. Can anyone explain what mechanism/protocol the ID and Key validation is using that it can’t reach the Bitwarden internet servers?

Hi there.

Did you ever find a solution for this issue? I am facing the same problem, with the same message.

Update: Apparently I was too keen on living on the bloody edge, used CentOS8. I made another attempt with CentOS7 and this time, the installation worked.