Before I Switch to BitWarden from LastPass

I’m new here.
I’ve been using LastPass Family since it arrived and LastPass even longer.

But now I’m looking for something else, as a lot of other people do.

Anyway, before I leave LastPass I need to figure out what I can do and What I can not do with BitWarden.

First of I love the self hosting alternativ. It was quite easy to set up, the only hickup I run in to was Let’s Encrypts DNS-01 challange (why is that not an option when you install)

I have a family with 6 users, and that OK in BitWarden too.
But then I have a number of free accounts in LastPass for different tasks.
I usualy share passwords from these free account to my main Family Account and Vice Versa, Can I do that in Bitwarden?

Can I mix free, Premium and Family accounts on my self hosted BitWarden?

If I have my self hosted family account, can I share for example passwords with a friend thats using the BitWarden Hosted solution?

I do share different password all over. I help a lot of people with managing there ISP, Web hosting and E-mail Administration. And I often create passwords for them and send the password through LastPass to these users. Can I still do that with BitWarden after I convinced them to switch like I might do?

While reading the docs I’m not sure whats true for free accounts?
To be able to share between 2 users you need to activate some thing in BitWarden Hosted web page for that user. But when I read about activating anything in the selfhosted version it looks like you need to have a Premium or Family Licens to be able to export the licensfilte . Am I running down the wrong path here?

Thank you for any hints in the right direction…


Hi @Pethson, welcome to the Bitwarden community! :wave:

Since you have a lot of questions here, I’ll do my best to break them down! We also have a free public demo today at 12 pm EST if you’re interested getting some answers live.

Organizations (including Families organizations) are the function of Bitwarden that allows you to share any item with another member of that organization through the use of collections.

Your Families organization can accommodate 6 users total and will give them the benefits of premium. If you want to have additional users in that same organization, you would have to upgrade to our Teams plan (but that doesn’t offer self-hosting) or our Enterprise plan which allows for both more than 6 users as well as self-hosting. More information can be found here on our plans, or you can reach out to our sales team for specific questions.

You can send passwords to others outside of your self-hosted organization if you have Bitwarden Send setup. You would be able to share the Send to any user - whether or not they also use Bitwarden - which I believe addresses sending the password scenario you mentioned.

I hope these links answer your questions, but feel free to ask any follow up questions or reach out to us directly for more help!

Hi Peter.

I also just made the move from LastPass Family to Bitwarden Family, and the transition went extremely smoothly. Export/Import was flawless and sharing Netflix passwords :slight_smile: with family members is very easy.

I will say that “sending” items from the password vault doesn’t work quite the same way. In LastPass, sending from one unaffiliated user to another was as easy as referencing their registered LP e-mail address, and magically they’d have an item they could import, either with or without the ability to view the password itself. So far, in Bitwarden I’ve only found a way to move personal items to the family vault, and not share them with any other unaffiliated Bitwarden user.

SJ’s suggestion of using “Send” is very different. This sets up a secure text note or file link where you can enter free text (e.g. a password) and send someone an encrypted link. The recipient would then have to view the now-cleartext password and manually create a new password entry.

For example:

Bitwarden Send (will auto-delete in 30 days)

- Dave

Disclaimer: I’m about a week into Bitwarden, so if there’s yet another way to send a complete vault item to an unaffiliated Bitwarden user, I’d love to hear about it.

This capability is not yet available in Bitwraden, but it is on the development Roadmap for the first half of 2023 (shown as “Vault Item Sharing”) and is currently in the “planned” stage.

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Thanks @grb .

- Dave

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