Batch edit saved logins

Use case: I create a new folder. I have 100 saved logins that I now want to add to it. Currently I think the only way to do that is to go through and edit them one by one. Would be great to have some batch/mass edit functionality that lets me assign them all at once.

On mobile this could work by long pressing the login record.

+1 from me.
I somehow did a double-import of all my web logins (I think what happened is that I imported a csv file from another password manager, and the Bitwarden Firefox extension maybe auto-imported all my Ff saved logins?) so now I have duplicate logins saved for every website.
I want to be able to select all the duplicates in my web vault (eg by holding down Ctrl while I click) so I can do a batch delete, but it seems I can only select one vault item at a time.
Batch edit please!?!

My bad.
You can do this on the web interface, it turns out. Just not in the Bitwarden app for Windows 10.

@baarkerlounger dude you can do this, you just need to go to your web interface. and you can do multi-select and move.