Batch Clear Folders?

Hey all,

Just recently switched from LP, still getting the hang of things.

I imported the LP database directly, and saw that all my folders were imported as well. I didn’t really want this.

Deleting a parent folder, for me, had the effect of converting all the sub-folders to top-level folders. This is pretty painful, as the only way to delete a folder I can find is to click on a little icon next to the folder name… and there are 30 or so subfolders.

Further, I couldn’t batch move all my logins out of each individual folder… batch selection, generally, just doesn’t seem to be available?

Am I missing something, or is this just not a feature yet?


Did you try using the web vault?

I had tried deleting the folders, but not moving logins. Web vault is indeed helpful in the latter regard, thanks!