Banking App Crashes when logging in via Bitwarden

On my Android Phone I have the Bitwarden app and also the Online-Banking App (called “HVB Banking” of my Bank "HypoVereinsbank).
When I open the banking app and copy and paste the username and the password via the clipboard, then the banking app starts normally.
When I select to let Bitwarden fill the credentials, Bitwarden fills the credentials and then the banking app freezes.

This is a very strange behaviour and I really don’t know what causes the problems.
Any idea?

Did you try to reproduce this issue on any other device?

I have read something similar some time ago (dunno where). What the OP back then found out was that the app/website did not really make use of the complete password. Meaning: If the password he used was 1234567890 something like 12345678 already was good enough to get accepted. Copy-pasting the password worked fine as the input box just ignored it. However using Bitwarden must have overwritten something so that the app/website crashed.

So how about if you try this:

  • Make sure you have a copy of the password before you continue. In theory (and for what I have experienced) when changing the password the “old” one should land up in the password-history. However: Better safe than sorry.

  • Remove the last character of your password within Bitwarden and then try to login using Bitwarden.

  • If it again crashes:

    1. Log in and out manually so that you avoid getting blocked because of multiple failed login attempts.
    2. Remove the new last character and try again.
  • If after removing one or several characters you actually can log in sincerely complain to the user help desk, give them some time and if by the end of that deadline they have not fixed it make it public.

If your bank actually screwed up the magazine c’t might be very interested in this story.

I have installed the banking app on an other phone (the phone of my wife) and there I was able to log in with her banking account via Bitwarden without any problems.
When I try to log into the same banking app on my phone then the banking app freezes (no matter if I log in with my account or with the account of my wife) .
So it is a problem on my phone.

So let me specify the problems in details.
After Bitwarden enters the username and the password, the banking app seems to be frozen (clicking on the link “Log in” is not working).
When I go to the home screen, then I still see the keyboard on the screen (what is normally not the case).

This happens no matter what keyboard app I am using (the standard Samsung keyboard app or the Microsoft Swiftkey app, that I am normally using).
Any idea what I can try?