Bank password for login and transcation

In India we have two passwords for bank accounts, one for login and second for transactions. So please provide option for second password i.e. transaction password.

Have you tried using a custom field to store the secondary password?


The custom field is still needs to be copied to put in place of second password, is it possible to have custom field which behave like a password to autofill?

Custom fields will fill into fields that have a matching name, but if the second password field is still called Password, it’ll be impossible to tell which password goes where :slight_smile:

Optionally, if the URIs are different, you can specificy an exact match and have a login/transaction item.

do you need to input both passwords on the same screen before you can progress? i understand the frustration this would cause with the current behavior of bitwarden. i do not know: do other password managers have a solution to enter multiple secrets at the same time? my first thought would be to make one record for your bank login credentials, then duplicate it and change the password to the transaction password. then make sure the name of each record reflects it purpose. as long as you do not need both passwords entered at the same time, would this give you the functionality you want?

@tgreer can the totp field with the auto-copy feature be used to auto-copy a second password to the clipboard instead of a otp?

both password on the same page -
User ID ,
Transaction Password

seems like the thing to do is as @tgreer said, make a custom field with the exact same name as the field and put the password there. i just found out about this function of custom fields, because i have an account that has multiple emails (primary and backup) saved to it. and i noted that in custom fields and i could not figure out why when i clicked to fill the credentials on the login page the wrong email was getting filled into the page.

No. both passwords are not used on same screen. login password is for login to my account. and second password is used only when i do a transaction.

in that case you can create new login for transaction password without user name and name it ““XXX Bank transaction password”” manually and it will work

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