Bank of America App won't fill on Android auto-fill framework

Using Android 11 on Pixel 3axl, Bank of America app won’t autofill on the android autofill framework. It will however auto-fill on the accessibility option. The same behavior can be seen on Android 8 on a Samsung P580 tablet.

What could be the cause of the failure?

Update, I tried the same app on enpass and it failed to autofill, too. It fails to autofill on android framework but works with accessibility. Is there a way in Android to prevent password manager from using autofill framework to fill a field?

If I got your point correctly you are wondering if there’s a way to prevent password manager to fill in apps, right?

The first thing that comes to my mind as an Android developer is that android app developers have to put a tag on the input field to give password managers a hint about requested usernames and passwords.
Maybe that tag is missing in the Bank of America app.

I also got Android 11 (and also a Pixel, Pixel 5 to be precise) and I can confirm that some apps don’t support auto fill feature.

On windows, it’s possible to tag a field so that it can’t be autofill. However, the application can just ignore it. I think in the case of Android, it’s built into the framework. I was curious about the mechanism for this.

Test idea: Record your login info, delete the entry in BW, then go to site and reenter info and save in BW again. Site Admin might have changed the tag on the field or its different on the web version versus the mobile version. Might even need to have two BW entries, one web and one mobile.

I tried that already.

Basically, the field is tagged to prevent being autofill by android framework. It works on Windows because the website field is not. It’s only the passcode field is affected. If you do a fill, it will fill the user name and password.

I have enpass and it also have the same issue. If you google around, the same issue occurs for last pass, 1password, too. The only workaround right now is to switch on accessibility, which bypasses autofill framework.