Backup solution for Enterprise on cloud

I’m using Bitwarden personally outisde of work but now I’m looking to move my work to Bitwarden too. We are about 20 employees and I have a couple of concerns regarding backup.

For you who use Bitwardens cloud solution, how do you mange backups?
Do you just export an unencrypted .json/.csv-file and encrypt it yourselves or is there a backup solution for this?
It would be nice it Bitwarden offered a way for the Enterprise plan to export an encrypted backup of the entire collection but it doesn’t seem like this is available?

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There are 1001 great backup tools already out there, so why does this need to be part of Bitwarden?
Backing up the docker data is sufficient, no?

I think the crux of @PatricF’s point is that you’d be able to export an encrypted backup rather than plain text JSON/CSV.

What do you mean?
If I use Bitwardes own cloud solution I don’t have access to the actual file system to do an actual backup. The only way to export the data is to an unencrypted text-file.
However if I use a self-hosted Bitwarden it makes nightly backups of the MSSQL database which I then can backup myself and I have everything hosted in a machine which I can make a proper backup of.

Having an unencrypted backup is not the problem. You can always encrypt it yourself, then backup that. Just be careful you can decrypt it later :slight_smile:

Yes of course I can encrypt it myself and I wouldn’t have a problem with automating this. But if I login as the administrator and make an export, I can only export my “personal” vault and the organizations vault.
I can’t backup each employees vault. The only way to do this would be to login as each user and do an export which is not an option. Or is there a way for an admin to export a users vault?

If I would self-host it I would have a backup of the entire installation even if I wouldn’t be able to easily restore on per user basis I still have the data backed up and can extract it manually if needed.

I might have been a little unclear of what I meant by a backup in my first post.


Good point. Now I got you!