Backup, but not iCloud

Hi, I’m using iphone and is there a plan to backup the 2FA codes in other way but not iCloud, because I already store my password in it, I’d like to diversify risk, not putting password and 2FA together…

There are a couple of options for backup up a file, write contents from your Bitwarden vault, from the iPhone without using iCloud.

One is to use Proton Drive, a separate fully encrypted service, and write your backup there.

Another option is to get an APFS encrypted USB drive, created on a Mac, and write files to that directly from your iPhone.

iOS will not encrypt files for you (rather than the whole phone) but will open, read and write to already-encrypted drives you attach to it.

Let me know if that was not quite your question.

I mean automatically, seemlessly , background cloud sync. No need for user to do anything after the initial configuration. It is just like google authenticator syncing all the 2Fa codes in the google account for user.

OK, sync, not backup. There is another thread under this topic where sync has been requested.

The roadmap is here.

I use this topic, which is close enough, because I don’t really understand what’s planned for backups.

Will an encrypted JSON be available in the future ?

On this page, it’s written that you can use different logins for Authenticator and Password manager, but I can’t create any login for Authenticator. Am I reading wrong ? Or is this just a feature not released yet ?