Backing up Android Bitwarden vault

Hi, I am a Newby to Bitwarden. My wife tends to use her Android phone for her Web activity, but needed some method of password storage. So Bitwarden installed and populated. This now raises question of how this mobile version should be backed up. I have only found info re Windows or Mac systems. Can anyone point me in right direction please? Thanks in advance.

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Hey Arthur, vault data syncs between clients so you can also export from the client of your choice (including the mobile app) to a secure space, or the web vault depending on your back-up strategy.

Many thanks dwbit for your response. I am a reasonable user but get a bit lost in jargon. So sorry, what do you mean exactly by “clients”. Is web vault an account at BW?
Thanks for gour patience.

Hey Aurthur, sorry I saw the self-hosting tag :slight_smile: are you using the default cloud version of Bitwarden?

By clients I just mean any of the apps that you can install such as the desktop + mobile app and browser extension, vs the web-based vault. Here is more info on exporting an individual vault: Export Vault Data | Bitwarden Help Center

Hi dwbit, I just downloaded Bitwarden mobile app direct to the moblie phone. I assume that I should now create a web vault account to backup to.

Vault data is synced across clients/web vault, so no need to create a new account, you can log in with the same details into the web vault.