B.W. Administration and user guides


When comparing with other existing other password managers, these two docs are missing.

Please make these two docs as todo in the BW roadmap.


Doesn’t https://help.bitwarden.com answer your need ?

Yes but only for me. My workplace is doing a POC evaluation of which password manager software to use. The POC exercise also involved a groups of users.

I was able to setup a self-hosted B.W. POC via following 3 channels.

  1. https://help.bitwarden.com
  2. community.bitwarden.com
  3. Interaction with [email protected]

Another candidate that my teammate is testing is “Password Manager Pro”

After my B.W. pilot testing, I kind of agree with my teammates’ comment on the need of Admin and User guides for BW. I ended up with my own notes/runbook in the area of sysadmin and BW usages. These two official BW docs will help beginners and deployment.


  1. Password Manager Pro has very good doc set.