Azure SAML 2.0 SSO HTTP Error


I’ve just configured SAML 2.0 Azure AD SSO as per the help articles:

However after logging in with SSO I’m redirected to with a server 500 error:

The sign in was successful on the Azure AD side:

The user didn’t exist, but it has successfully invited the user, though i don’t have an invite link to accept it



Any thoughts on how I can get this working or is there a current issue causing it?

We are having the same exact issue, we are enforcing SSO by group policy and users cannot login.

I wonder if there’s an issue at the server end in that case! I’m guessing your SSO was already previously working?

You are correct, it worked without issue until 2-3 hrs ago.

Issue has now been resolved.

Yeah it’s working for me now too!