Avatar / Profile picture Support for Users/Organization

I know you’re prepping a color picker feature for profile pictures, but I’m not sure why Gravatar has to be removed :thinking:

Regardless, I would like to express my interest in having Gravatar support back :heart:

Thanks for the feedback all, the color picker is now available in the web vault if you want to review.

The color picker doesn’t appear to be available for organizations.

I’m putting my vote in for bare minimum the option to have Gravatar support, if not the ability to upload a pfp directly to the web vault. I don’t understand why support for Gravatar had to be removed to add the color picker option?

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I’m not a fan of external services like gravatar even tough it works really well.

Paid users already get 1GB of storage why not utilize a very small amount of that to store an avatar?

The main reason why I would love to have avatar support is because I have multiple accounts (different organisations that use Bitwarden) and the only way for me to distinguish between these accounts in the account switcher is by color. If we get avatar support I would put the company logo as an avatar in each account.

I already made the mistake to use the wrong logins (from the wrong bitwarden account) for ordering parts. Because the weakest link in security sits behind the keyboard I could go as far as saying that proper avatar support is not only an aestethic improvement but also a security improvement.

  1. Please allow organizations to upload the logo.
    I know Bitwarden is more about functionality, not bells and whistles. But the current look is slightly unprofessional, and may affect enterprise decision-makers:
  1. Please add a corporate logo to each page of the web vault next to the user’s icon so the user never confuses corporate and private vault. Please have a look at how it’s done in Google Workspace Mail:

I definitely would like support for profile pictures, whether it’s gravitar or just an uploaded profile pic. I think it looks unprofessional and incomplete with just initials.