Automatically focus the 'Search Vault' field

When clicking the extension icon or when using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+Y) I would like the ‘Search Vault’ field to be automatically focused so you can start typing right away. Although it’s just a simple change, it would be a big QoL improvement.

For me this is already the default behavior. I am using the Google Chrome extension on Windows 10.
If it does not work for you this way you perhaps should mention some more details like OS, Bitwarden-app / extension, version, etc.

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I’m using Waterfox, BW 1.49.1, on Win7. If it works for others then I guess it’s just me.

Related: on a 12.9” iPad Pro, iPadOS 14.5.1 running Google Chrome, Bitwarden prompts for an unlock pin without focusing the pin entry field. Consequently, the user must first click the screen and can’t just type their pin when prompted.

After the user enters their pin, the Bitwarden vault automatically loads, but in order to search their vault, the user must click the magnifying glass icon. The default behavior when Bitwarden Vault is open and the user starts typing should be ‘search for the typed text.’

Expected behavior: when the extension prompts for a pin, the user should be able to enter their pin and hit enter, without having to click anywhere first. After entering the pin, the user should be able to start typing in order to search their vault, also without having to click anything first,

I agree, this would be great. I’m on Mac OS using the Safari extension and the default focus is always on the first field of the extension. In the case of a locked vault, that’s the “unlock” button instead of the pin or master password text entry box. In the case of an unlocked vault the first field is the “Pop-Out” button and not the search vault text entry box.

This one little fix would save me so many clicks and/or presses of Tab throughout the day.