Automatically find website name for entry

Use the website’s address to automatically fill the password’s entry with the website’s title when creating a new password, rather than the website’s URI. This information could be fetched from the website’s home page, by checking the content of the tags.

Just replicate what keefox (+ keepass) does, guys…

Just want to clarify - Are you asking that when a new entry is created for a website, the Name field should be filled with the website’s name (e.g., “I Love Cats”), rather than the URL (e.g., “”)? If so, I totally agree and find the URL-as-name to be really frustrating. I have to change it every time.


Yes, that’s correct. I never want it to be the website’s hostname, so I’d prefer some sort of algorithm, even if it’s accurate only 50% of the time. I think it would be pretty easy to find this - use the text inside the HTML tag (displayed up in the tab). Some websites like to add extra “junk” text on the end, so it’d probably be best to slice off any title text that comes after hyphen (-), pipe (|) or parenthesis. Because this is consistent with common web design practices, using this technique would be pretty good at auto filling the website name a good portion of the time.

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Option to default to the website title as the name instead of the URL

Feature function

Something that I find myself having to do constantly when I click the “add a login” button on the browser extension is edit the name of my new entry. Currently the name field is automatically populated with the base URL. When I think of looking at my entry for Target I would want to go to the “T” section, not the “W” section because its name is I’d rather look at a name of “Free Pet Chip Registry” in my vault than

All that would have to be done to achieve this is to have the name field default to the HTML title for the website.

If there are people that prefer the current behavior they could still keep using it if this feature was an option that could be toggled.

Drat. I tried searching for this before creating a topic. Agree with the people above who don’t like having to change the name every single time I add a login entry.

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