Automatic request of biometrics unlock

Feature name:

Automatic request of biometrics unlock

Feature Description

I would like to implement an enhancement to the lock component by automatically proceed to biometrics unlock when this feature is enabled. This mimics the behaviour of the Desktop app as it immediately proceeds to request, for example, Touch ID without having the nuisance of clicking the button “unlock with biometrics/Touch ID”. After all, if the Desktop is already doing it, why not the extension?

This is particularly useful, as you would be taking advantage of all the benefits that come with the fingerprint - just touching with the finger - instead of clicking.

Judging from a quick glance at the lock component, it could be something that would immediately trigger the unlockBiometric on Init.

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Browser

Timeline to completion (estimate):

I can open a PR as soon as possible. Haven’t done so yet as suggested me to get some feedback first.

@plourenco thanks for offering! I think this would make a good option, with an off switch as well.

We have some code in flight to add an option to disable the automatic biometrics prompt for desktop, so folks want the ability to turn it off if needed.

I believe you would need to add this to the Desktop repo as well to make sure it goes into the Safari extension.

@cscharf @eliykat for visibility :metal:

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Hi @tgreer ,

Been playing around with this today and while I tried the off switch, the option seems a bit redundant while paired with others. (even though the third’s visibility is dependant on the second)


What do you think about having a “Primary authentication method”, that would instantly prompt you for the method you’ve selected?

I would suggest one of the following options:

  • I’m not exactly sure if there are many use-cases where users intend to keep a combination of authentication methods, if not I would suggest replacing the three options in the image above with a single dropdown called “Primary authentication method” (my preferred approach).
  • Add a “Primary authentication method” dropdown, but still allow users to have other authentication methods as a fallback.
  • Keep the checkbox for the automatic prompt as above.

What do you think?