Automatic prompt touch id not working?

When starting bitwarden on macbook mojave it doesnt prompt for touch id to unlock. I always have to click to unlock for touch id.

I saw other topics that stated this was already implemented. But it doesnt seem to work for me. I have the option checked and everything else already set up.

You need to UNCHECK the box “Do not prompt for Touch ID on launch” to get the Touch ID dialog to pop up immediately.

The text on this checkbox is completely misleading IMO.

Do not prompt is unchecked and still doesnt work. I reinstalled it and it actually worked 1 time but after that it didnt work again.

I seemed to find a way for it to work again. So i had close to the top menu bar checked and im guessing this kept the app running and not actually close it. So when i turned it off the app would fully close and then when i opened it again it would prompt for touch id. Might this be a bug?

Also the prompt is a bit slow or has a delay. When i use browser extensions the prompt is immediate.