Automatic log out upon phone entering Lockdown mode

I’d like to see the Android (and iPhone I assume) apps have the ability to automatically log out if the user puts the phone into Lockdown mode.

That gives us the ability to utilize the benefits of biometric unlock for normal use but also shut it down completely if forced into Lockdown.

Good thought on this. I think I’d rather see, and something a bit better, individual device sessions in settings. That way you could log into the web vault (or any other device that would support showing sessions) and kill or de-authorize the session for the phone, but your other devices such as browser extension still stays active.

Benefits of having individual sessions would be if a laptop gets stolen which has browser extension on it, you could essentially kill the laptop session without killing other trusted device sessions. A laptop wouldn’t have a lockdown mode.

Is anyone else interested in this? I would think it would be a much-desired feature.