Automatic licence sync with self hosted instance

Feature name

Automatic licence sync with self hosted instance

Feature function

The goal would be to automatically synchronise the licence subscription from the cloud to a self hosted instance.
It would ease the licence management avoidind manual operations of applying the new licence on the self hosted instance at each billing cycle in case of automatic renewal.
The licence management and the billing process would be centralized.

I’ve seen that there is in fact an option to generate a token for the billing sync in the organization menu in the subscription section, but there is

  • no official docu on how to actually do it
  • no setting in the organization menu
  • no setting in the admin menu
  • no environment variable for it

@Bitwarden staff, care to elaborate on this?

The only approximatively related documentation I’ve found is this one : Enable Families Sponsorship for Self-hosted Enterprise Org | Bitwarden Help & Support
But it doesn’t seems to apply.

The functionnality has been implemented into version 2023.2.0 ( Release Notes | Bitwarden Help Center )

But it’s still limited to Enterprise subscriptions …

When will it be available to Families Organization ?