Automated Vault Export / Backup to cloud storage

Feature name

  • automated Vault Export / Backup to cloud storage

Feature function

  • schedule automatic vault export/backup (user/corporation) - executed by/on the bitwarden server
  • link cloud storage provider(s) as target (onedrive, google drive, aws, …)
  • set maximum number of backup versions to retain
  • select what to backup (“everything” or only certain vault elements/folders/data)
  • option to encrypt exported file with a password
  • backup status (success/error/warning) notification via email / push

This feature will allow users to feel safe about storing everything in bitwarden because it provides them with an up to date, easy to restore backup of their entire vault stored at a location of their choosing! :slight_smile:

I can only speak for myself here. Much of your idea sounds OK. I would NOT store my vault backups on any BW server because I want to control possession, or in other words have self custody. e.g. — BW could disappear (not too likely of course) and with it all your vault data in the instance of you keeping it all there. With self custody the user controls everything in the long run. I can’t imagine the disaster it would cause in my life to lose a few hundred account logins and stuff. Sends a chill down my spine!!

If you have been reading through this forum for awhile you will have seen numerous threads where users WITHOUT making backups have lost their data because they have forgotten their passwords or some other computer issues. However; your proposal would be far better than NO backups. I just feel like we all should take responsibility for protecting such valuable data OR bear the consequences if we don’t.

Edit: auto backup would not work for me because I export my vault data directly into an encrypted virtual drive, which is only manually opened by me for that specific purpose. Once completed it is then immediately closed.

Which Cloud do you use for database export?