Automate CLI commands Using FIG (autocomplete tool)

Bitwarden & Fig Integration

Fig is a terminal autocomplete tool, used to suggest and validate terminal commands. There is now an integration with the Bitwarden CLI tool, enabling you to browse, understand and verify your input!

The tool is currently at General Release on macOS, and beta for Windows and Linux.

Fig is a 3rd party tool, which you can read about at Welcome to Fig 👋 | Fig


Things to note

  • Fig has priority weighting built in - the more you use a command, the more it rises to the top of your suggestions
  • You can edit the CLI overlay using fig settings
  • There are integrations for inputting and outputting files:

Found something wrong? Suggestions?

  • Please comment on the Community Forum post here.
  • Please do not raise tickets with the support team or with fig.

Want to contribute?

Fig’s autocompletion specifications are open-source. If you’d like to contribute further integrations or functionality, whether for Bitwarden or for any other integration, you’ll find everything you need here:

Wrapping up

We hope you find the integration useful, and would very much appreciate any feedback you have!