Autofill the username field when adding a new login

When adding a new item to the web vault (browser extension), especially while filling a signup form and I want to use Bitwarden to create a new login item, the url field is autofilled based on the tab I am, but I usually have to type in my email in the username field everytime.
I see that I can click on an icon in the username field to open the dialog to generate a username but out of all the options there, there is none that uses my exact email address without me editing the generated username based on my email address.

I would like to implement this feature on the web clients.

Hi @Afolayan_Favour and welcome to the community :tada:

This seems to be related to Autocomplete default username (+random password) when creating new entries (or option in generator) with the using default username being a separate feature request.

Here is a previous thread with some more information and links to old Pull Requests showing a possible approach.

To get started please have a look at our Contributing Guidelines. These will have everything you’ll need to get your environment set-up.
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Thanks @djsmith85. I will follow up on the thread you shared.

Hey @djsmith85,

From the work that was done by @michecinski, I can see that the approach was to have a datalist input and the list would be some commonly used usernames.
So, I ask now for some guidance on how to proceed with some questions.

  1. Did @michecinski work on his PR before the feature to generate usernames was added to the UI? If yes, then, the quickest win we can have is to include an option in the list of options for the radio button on the dialog where the username is being generated to use the default email address of the user.

  2. Then, I propose the next feature to release could then be to build out the datalist when users type and then they can choose one of their suggested commonly used usernames - we can discuss the details of this second improvement too.

Let me know what you think.


I have implemented something simple here:

This works for the v1 I proposed above. Now we can add the autocomplete feature in the input