Autofill script for apps?

I have googled, I have looked in the web help, but seems like Bitwarden can only do autofill in websites via browser addon (like lastpass) and also in Android. Is that right? I was considering to use it to login to RDP, VPN and such things, but there I would just have to do copy and paste right?

This feature does not currently exist in Bitwarden, although the developers are looking into the possibility of adding it (Feature Request: Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps ).

Well as I see this has been requested many times in 2018 already! So it seems that devs don’t care and this will not be added in any near future…

Evidently you did not read the responses from Bitwarden in the thread that I linked:

I admit I haven’t read the whole 4 years old thread with hundreds of responses there, so I missed this one sorry.

No worries. For future reference, if you see a Roadmap tag at the top of a Feature Request thread, or if you see a statement pinned to the top of the thread, from a gray avatar with a Bitwarden shield, those are indicators that Bitwarden is already working on the issue: