Autofill on Bitwarden Web Vault

There is something I don’t understand about autofill. I just did a test on Bitwarden’s web vault; I have 2 accounts: on the first login page I used the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + L, but since the account proposed was not the one I wanted to use I did Ctrl + Shift + L again to choose the correct one; on the next page I did Ctrl + Shift + L again convinced that it would propose the password of the last account used, but instead it proposed the password of the other account. Why didn’t it update the last account used on the second login page?

Thanks, the team is looking at improvements to this flow :+1:

I think I figured it out–the problem is that I was filling out the second password page too quickly; if I wait a couple of seconds I get the correct password (corresponding to the last login used).
Does this sound like a reasonable explanation?

It will depend on the way the website is designed, but the team is keeping their eyes on this one.