Autofill not working (Windows 11, Chrome Extension)

For the last 2-3 months or so, autofill simply doesn’t work on most sites (once in a while it does). I do have it turned on in the options – and afaik I don’t have any sites excluded. Pointers toward a fix would be appreciated!

Hi @Dallas_Hinton - welcome to the Bitwarden community!

There are separate options for the default auto-fill setting and individual auto-fill setting for each item in your vault. Are you certain they are both set to enable autofill?

I have not had any problem with this on Windows, MacOS, or Linux. I typically use Firefox, Safari, and Brave as my browsers.

To the best of my knowledge, both are set. I’ve never changed any of the individual settings so I’m presuming they default to following the “Master” setting. I’ll certainly take a look next time I log in somewhere and don’t get auto-filled.

Sounds good. I know that some users have reported that their settings reverted to the Bitwarden defaults after an update, so there is a chance it may have happened to you as well. Let us know how you make out! Cheers.

I just tested on a site: Official Powerpay Web Login – both logon (company number) and user id (password) are on the main page. Bitwarden fills in the Company number, but not the user id. I’ll try to paste an image:

and if I edit (see next post)

The edit section looks like this

Thanks for posting the screen caps and the details.

This is a bit of an odd website in that it doesn’t prompt for the standard username and password. What you may have to do to ensure auto-fill works is create a custom field in Bitwarden for the User ID that match the website’s login form.

Here are the instructions:

When I use Bitwarden to find the ID of the User ID field, I get TEXT_USER_ID. If you create a new custom field in your Bitwarden login for the website and give it that name and add your user id, I think it should work. Let us know!

Oh wow – that works like a charm!!! Many thanks for taking the time to teach me a new trick (I’m an old dog!). I’ll do some more testing and see if I can break anything else. :slight_smile:

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