Autofill not working for

So we are doing this on Chrome OS chrome browser with the bitwarden extension. The option “Enable Auto-fill on Page Load” is checked. For the intuit account, The website is listed as

To duplicate the issue, I do the following:

  1. Open browser and go to Intuit Accounts - Sign In
  2. The user ID for the site is populated. Click on the user name.
  3. The site spins for a while and then the password field is display. However, bitwarden has failed to auto-populated.

Is there a way to get autofill to work? I can click on the bitwarden icon and select the site and then press continue, but why doesn’t Bitwarden autofill in this field?

I have the same problem - this is a very unconventional three-step sign-in system.

I just hit CONTROL-SHIFT-L (or COMMAND-SHIFT-L on a Mac) to force autofill.

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I noticed the same issue when logging on to eBay. I have sent bitwarden an email

It is really an issue with the website - can’t you just hit CNTRL-SHIFT-L/CMD-SHIFT-L?

You are right, and thank you for the CMD+SHIFT+L tip.

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I can easily do that, or just press the bitwarden icon, but my mom does not understand key combination or clicking on the bitwarden icon, so she calls me every time she cannot log into mint which is every day. Is there an alternative way of getting autofill to work?

I played around with custom fields, but can’t fix the problem. It’s possible that there is no page load event when it switches screens. I am going to have to debug it some more.

Unfortunately, as I have multiple accounts with eBay this is a problem. I can cycle logins with the keyboard combination however the passwords are ******** so cycling through is impossible.