Autofill needs branding

Excuse me, is this Bitwarden’s Autofill? What are these funny globes instead of shields? Isn’t Bitwarden’s logo a shield?

With (at least one) shields I could be more confident than I wasn’t accidentally using the “other leading brand” left lying around on my cell phone.
(Sorry, I can barely type this on a cellphone.)
Okay, I had to look inside the app. And indeed the globe matches the Login category. Okay fine. But still kindly put one of your Bitwarden shields somewhere on the autofill box. In fact you can even spell out your brand name, in tiny letters, to eliminate any question marks.

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It turns out if I scroll these three items down a little, I would have seen a Bitwarden logo. But I wasn’t aware I could scroll it because the scroll bar disappears one second after it appeared. The scroll bar fades away too fast for the user to notice it. But anyway, you want your logo right there on the top so people will notice even if they only see one of the items.

(If the probably purposely disappearing scroll bar is Android’s fault then please report an Accessibility bug to Android.)

With all of the issues I see you posting I beg to question what are you doing so different. Flightradar returns a website icon for me in the as a vault icon. Can you check settings to ensure you have “show vault icons” on.

Also are you self hosting your own instance of bitwarden?

I’m just trying to give you my very valuable first time user impressions. You see your average first time user is too overwhelmed and they don’t have any experience reporting anything. But I was just going to make sure none of my valuable input will get missed.

I’m just saying the first time user has now installed some of this stuff on their cell phone. And they’re not exactly sure what prompt they’re seeing. Are they seeing the Chrome prompt, the Bitwarden prompt or some other prompt?

They have not seen the globe icon even once yet. They have not associated that with Bitwarden.

So I’m saying it wouldn’t do any harm to have one of your shields right up there in the screenshot that I posted.

I mean your average major corporation makes sure, to have their logo on everything!

Yes, if I had just waited till tomorrow I would probably be already used to the globe or something. But I wanted to make sure you knew what the problem was before even I forgot it.

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@jidanni You are posting on a community forum. The vast majority of readers here (myself included) are fellow users of the software, not Bitwarden employees. If you would like to communicate directly with Bitwarden representatives, you can use the Contact Form.

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