Autofill "keep me signed in" checkbox of login form

Feature name

  • Autofill “Keep me signed in”

Feature function

  • This feature will autofill the “Keep me signed in” checkbox of login forms. It is a per-login feature that will have a setting in each login item in Bitwarden.
  • It will eliminate the need to login to websites that offer this option.

Related topics + references

  • For example

  • Of course there are phrases other than “Keep me signed in” that a website may use. Another phrase that may be confused with “Keep me signed in” is “Remember me”, but this is not the same. “Remember me” is/should be used to mean that a website will prefill a user’s username in the login form.

Thanks for the post!

You should be able to accomplish this with custom fields using a Boolean option, naming it to match the site’s checkbox object.


Thanks for the work-around idea. I look forward to Bitwarden incorporating it as an option, or, better yet, the way LastPass seamlessly includes it with newly added logins.

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Ran into a small bug: the browser extension fails to pick up on any fields that come after the submit button in the domtree, even though these elements are part of the same form (not a very good UX designer haha!). The fields in question are successfully being matched and autofilled when I use my browser devtools to move them above the submit button.

Without having looked at your current methods for scanning the fields, and not having given much thought about any security implications (that’s your job :grin:), perhaps you could simply scan up to the next matching </form> form close tag (FYI The HTML spec says you can’t have nested form fields [1], one thing less to worry about).

[1] HTML Standard