Autofill issue on browser extension

Hi guys, I don’t know if this is a bug or just needs to be done better in Bitwarden, but the extension seems to have issues picking the correct password when you sign into a website where the username and password prompt are on two different pages (ie type username, hit enter, type password, hit enter) when you have multiple logins for the page. One of my work sites has this 2 part login and I have 5 different accounts for it. 1Password was able to sort it perfectly so that when the password field came up, it knew which of the 5 logins I was doing, and fill the correct password. Bitwarden not so much. Anything I could do on my end to help this, or is this a dev issue?

I believe the order that logins are attempted for the autofill is dynamic - the last one used will be at the top of the list and the default the next time you autofill. If it selects the wrong one, you can press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L to cycle through them.

Yeah that’s a bummer in this case, as there’s no reference to know which one it’s selecting each time you hit Ctrl Shift L, since only the password field shows up. Looks like I’ll need to post this as a feature request.