Autofill is wrong, saved password is right

Seems like I’m not the only one having this issue on mobile - Bitwarden REFUSES to autofill the actual password saved for a given site or app (I’ve had this problem with two separate apps, so it’s not a problem for Google or Discord to solve) and instead fills an old password for that site or app. Going into Bitwarden shows that the saved password is accurate and there is no evidence that Bitwarden even retains the old password anywhere, but yet it categorically will not fill in the correct password, I have to copy/paste it. How can I reset or reload the autofill function so that it, like… works?

Is it possible that you have another vault entry with a matching URI for the site/app you’re having problems with?


Yep, I’ll bet this is the issue. It has happened to me.

You need to turn off autofill temporarily so that you can manually open the entry with the matching URI to check it. I’ll bet Dan is correct.


Nope, I have two logins to this service, and BOTH have this issue - I have changed both passwords, and the passwords that autofill wants to use for both are the old ones that have been erased, but it does not swap them at any point - there is no point at which the old password for one login is substituted for the other. It simply substitutes the OLD password for the new one that is plainly saved in the vault.

Definitely sounds frustrating.

While I’m sure an uninstall / reinstall would solve the issue, it would be good if you sent a ticket in to our CS team to troubleshoot and document just in case.

Given that you said two different apps have filled the old password, are you sure some other service is not also running, like saved passwords in your browser or Apple Keychain? To me, this really doesn’t sound like something Bitwarden would do.

Yeah, at first I thought it was Google’s autofill function, but I turned that off when I installed Bitwarden. I’ll poke through the phone for anything else that could be causing it, but I don’t THINK I have any other app with autofill permissions.

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