Autofill inline not working on certain android apps?


I have notice the feature “autofill inline” doesnt work in all apps. For example in the hulu app. I dont get the typical suggestions above the keyboard. I need to either open the bitwarden app and copy credentials or if i use the draw over options i get the pop up but is the same it opens the vault and is all manual.

What i am trying to say it never gives you the options to save and autofill for future logins. If i go to the website in chrome i do get the suggestion for hulu above the keyboard.

Is this an issue, am i doing something wrong? I can post images later.

Hi @imamexican welcome to the Community.

It might the url match detection. For the web you’ve probably got and for the Android app it would probably be androidapp://

The package name can usually be found at the end of the Google Playstore URL. So in case of Hulu:

If you’ve added it and it’s still not working, there’s an open issue on GitHub where we track this. Autofill isn't working on mobile (generally or for a specific site or app) · Issue #1389 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

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Yes this does happen, and people talk about it quite frequently.

However, before you jump ship to another PW manager, please realize this: there are workarounds to get it to work (in BW) , while other PW managers frequently have no workarounds when you hit a wall.

For BW, you’ll want to turn off all 4 options under Settings: Auto-fill Services. Then restart your phone, then re-enable those settings. This frequently helps.

Also you can press-and-hold on the field to be filled, and then “Paste | …” (well, 3 vertical dots) appears, and click the dots then “Autofill” and that can help.

Most often I’ll just briefly tap on the field to be filled and the familiar BW pop-up button will show up, and that can be clicked.

Finally, there’s always the buttons you can assign on the Notifications Menu / Quick Buttons for most devices: There are 3 you can choose to activate (Vault, Auto-fill, and Generate Password).

So, as you can see, many different ways to de-fur a feline.