Autofill in apps not working on iOS 17 PB6

Hi, I was running iOS 17 PB5 and didn’t seem to have any issues. I updated to PB6 Tuesday August 29th, and the next day (first time I’ve used Bitwarden since updating) I noticed autofill doesn’t seem to be working for login within apps. It seems to be working for pages loaded in Safari, however. As soon as I hit passwords above the keyboard, I see the popup, FaceID scans, then it disappears, and nothing is filled in to the fields.

Anybody else on DB8/PB6 and can confirm? This is on an iPhone 13 Pro Max if it matters.


Autofill not working for me inside apps on iPhone 13. It does work in safari on websites but not in standalone apps.

Same here on iOS 17.1 and iPhone 13 Pro Max. When I open an app and want to autofill through Bitwarden, I don’t get the option to choose Bitwarden (only keychain) with the email text field.
If I move to the password text field I can then choose bitwarden to autofill but it pastes the password in the integrated keyboard text field and NOT into to the password textfield of the app.

The password text field of the app stays empty.