Autofill for Dropdown Box

As a new user, bitwarden is excellent without a learning curve too steep.

The first thing I noticed however, is that there is no option to autofill dropdown boxes.

I tried a compromise, by making custom fields with each name/value pair, e.g.
Label “Character 1” Value “X”
Label “Character 3” Value “Z”
But autofill didn’t detect the ‘label’ and select the relevant ‘option’ from the dropdown box as expected.

Feature Request: Some sites require you to select a few random characters from a memorable phrase, using a few dropdown boxes.

This will work already. You just have to specify the proper name and value. Value of a drop down (select) is not the label that you see though. You would have to inspect the page to see the value of each option.

Hello kspearrin,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Limitation: The option fields are generic, perhaps as a deliberate security measure, e.g.

Query “Select these three characters from your memorable phrase:”

Memorable Phrase “Chicken”

Label "Character 1" Option "formOption1" Value "C"
Label "Character 3" Option "formOption2" Value "i"
Label "Character 5" Option "formOption3" Value "k"

In such a case, option is always 1, 2, and 3.
Only the label is open to interpretation.

Please advise.

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If you don’t mind my asking, what’s wrong with the topic?

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I see, it :robot: was picking on me because I’m new.
Thanks for fixing it promptly.

And, about the second part of my question.
What is the prospect?