Autofill for a "select" element

I have the following HTML that is a drop down menu. I have tried a few different things with the custom fields but neither Text or Link works. Would anyone have an idea if bitwarden can select either of the options, ie. User/Installer?

Have you tried the values object:55 and object:56 yet? If so, it may be that those aren’t actually single text values, in which case I don’t think Bitwarden can autofill multi-value objects in any way.

I just gave it a try with using the value “Object57” with no luck. Thank you for the suggestion.

Actually, I don’t think Object57 will work. I would try either of the following (don’t omit the colon and observe the capitals):



If those don’t work, then I suspect Bitwarden can’t fill this form.

Not sure how I messed that up, but giving it a try with custom field as object:56 and using the user as id, it ended up working

Thank you for the help on this!!