Autofill Android not working in Wells Fargo app

I am using Wells Fargo App on an Samsung Tab S8 running Android 12 and Android autofill framework. I am noticing that in the android app, I am not getting a prompt to autofill. Is there a workaround?


Hi @Paulsiu - have you tried tapping the password text box to see if it activates Bitwarden?

Hey @paulsiu, if David’s suggestion above doesn’t work and you are only seeing this behavior on a specific website, you can fill out the form in the Github issue here to submit the info for the team to review.

Hi, I finally got it to work, but it was a number of factors that cause the problem in the first place. Here’s a checklist of things to check into.

  1. In Android, Autofill Service in settings need to be set to Bitwarden.
  2. In Bitwarden, in settings, examine the auto fill services. On mines there were several options.

Autofill Service - which uses the Android Autofill framework for Android version 8 and up. This must be enabled. See Use Draw over.

Use Inline Autofill - which seems to show the option when you have the on screen keyboard up. Unfortunately, I was using a physical keyboard, so the on screen keyboard was disabled and so this option did not work.

Use accessibility - use accessibility instead of the android autofill framework, usually used when your phone is using Android 7 or older.

Use draw-over - this should be enable since if you don’t the options drop down won’t appear in the field, so it should be used in conjunction with the first option.

In summary, I would enable Auto-fill Service and Use Draw-over. In my case, the failure occur because I had Use draw-over disabled and I was using a physical keyboard. Once I enable Use Draw-over, the issue is resolved.

Thank you both for your help.