Autoclear Clipboard doesnt clear Clipboard History

I installed the bitwarden native app beta when it came out. I noticed that when autoclear clipboard is enabled it clears the clipboard itself but not the clipboard history on the samsung keyboard.
This basically defeats the purpose of the clear clipboard function as copied things are still accessible.

(Samsung Keyboard with Oneui6.1 and android14)

Hi jacob,

Thanks for the report, we will do some digging and see if it is even possible for us to affect the clipboard history functionality. In the past, I believe there have been some issue with doing this, and our best advice to users has been to see if it is possible to turn off clipboard history.

Out of curiosity, does the stable version of the app successfully clear clipboard history for you?

Thanks for checking out the beta apps!

In general, a warning would be nice.

If I remember correctly, at first I activated “clear clipboard” (on Windows) and thought I was on the safe side. Found out after a while, that the clipboard history still contained sensitive info and then I deactivated the clipboard history. Would be nice to get an info/warning about that in all apps, because the naive user doesn’t think of this…

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As far as I remember the stable version had the same issue