Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps



The only reason why I am not a Premium user is the fact that I have to start KeePass daily (just because of the Auto-Type feature in applications).

Any information if you plan such a feature and when you plan it?


This is a must have.


+1 from me also. I would love to see this feature. It’s the only thing missing for me coming from KeePass.

Add "target window" to Windows application to allow "auto type"

+1 from me as well (coming from Keepass)


I heard so much positive feedbacks on Bitwarden so I gave it a try but no autofill in desktop + no ssh agent support (see Implement ssh-agent Protocol) is such a disappointment.


today i use bitwarden and keepass, if i can do all in bitwarden it will be just amazing :slight_smile:
The desktop version of bitwarden is not necessary for now (its just my opinion), but with keepass functionnality it could be a keepass killer (my opinion too :slight_smile: )


Looking for that feature too, then I will become premium.