Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

The only reason why I am not a Premium user is the fact that I have to start KeePass daily (just because of the Auto-Type feature in applications).

Any information if you plan such a feature and when you plan it?

This is a must have.

+1 from me also. I would love to see this feature. It’s the only thing missing for me coming from KeePass.

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+1 from me as well (coming from Keepass)

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I heard so much positive feedbacks on Bitwarden so I gave it a try but no autofill in desktop + no ssh agent support (see Implement ssh-agent Protocol) is such a disappointment.

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today i use bitwarden and keepass, if i can do all in bitwarden it will be just amazing :slight_smile:
The desktop version of bitwarden is not necessary for now (its just my opinion), but with keepass functionnality it could be a keepass killer (my opinion too :slight_smile: )

Looking for that feature too, then I will become premium.

+1 for me as well, registered just to upvote this one.

My company wouldn’t even consider corporate usage of bitwarden because this wasn’t a feature

+1 This really impairs my work, not global hotkey shortcut to quickly access passwords when in other apps and terminals!

I want you to be usable in Bitwarden as 1Password does not support.

The Bitwarden desktop app is simply a container holding credentials. With autofill capacity to other native apps or browser forms the desktop app would be much better for people who do not, or can not, install the browser extension.

I’m honestly a little startled to see this isn’t a basic feature that had already been implemented. I’m going to continue evaluating Bitwarden for another couple months, but if I don’t see this added by the time I re-evaluate, I’m definitely leaving for an app on Windows that isn’t just a password container and actually gets some core features!

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I have implemented autotype in this PR
I need some help creating the modals and modifying the server code before it is complete.


This is the one reason I am keeping keepassXC for. I have multiple logins that Bitwarden fails on, basic auth for one, and anything not browser based (accounting system, ssh, routers, etc.).
Being configurable like keepassXC is important, some applications tab between fields, some enter between fields, some entries are user/password, others are password only.

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I deleted all entries in my Birwarden Vault, because I still can not log into applications.
But I need this very often (at home and also at work), so I stay at KeePass.
When this feature is implemented I can consider switching back.

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This is one last major missing piece for my usage of bitwarden as well.
It would be nice to have an estimate about when it can be available if any work is planned at all.

For me this one is a stopper feature to consider Bitwarden as an alternative to KeePass. Yes, there are other features too like: search (keepass has WAY nicer search abilities), locking mechanics, clipboard timeout autocleanup, normal keyboard centric navigation. But from cons: no sync in KeePass, so I have to use 3rd party tools for that; no “official” mobile clients, so that I have to use the client, written by someone I have to trust with all my passwords (Sure it’s better for me to know that there is some kind of responsible company behind the product, whose business is storing my passwords/delivering the software and I am paying them for that).

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How is the status of this feature?
Is it currently implemented?
When will it be released?


I am also very much interested in that feature and want to know if and when it will be implemented.
Maybe @kspearrin can post some more information here…

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If you implement this feature you should consider that the user has to specify a process name / window title for the target application.
And that he is able to have a separate auto-type sequence for each target application.
On example here is steam, where I have a different auto-type sequence for the Steam Client (the username is already in the login window) than on the website.

Please add the following Auto-Complete tags (that I am using in KeePass):

Code Result
{USERNAME} Inserts the username
{PASSWORD} Inserts the password
{TAB} Sends the Tab-Key to jump to the next field
{ENTER} Sends the Enter-Key to submit the form or execute a button
{UP} Sends the Up-Key
{DOWN} Sends the Down-Key
{LEFT} Sends the Left-Key
{RIGHT} Sends the Right-Key
{DELAY xxxx} Adds a delay in milliseconds before performing the next action
{TOTP} Inserts the TOTP
{CLEARFIELD} Deletes the content of the current field, is needed for some applications
{APPACTIVATE WindowTitle} Activates the window “WindowTitle” so the values are entered in the correct window.

The complete list of all AutoType-Codes can be found here:

Here is a real example that I am using in KeePass for the Star Citizen RSI Launcher.

KeePass enters the {USERNAME}, presses {TAB} to jump into the field “password” and enters the {PASSWORD}.
Then KeePass performs the {ENTER}-Key to log me in.
After that KeePass waits for 2 seconds ({DELAY 2000}) while the RSI Launcher is validating the login data and displays a new window where I can enter the TOTP.
Then KeePass enters the {TOTP}.

In the window where I enter the TOTP code there is a list box where I can select how long the TOTP should be accepted.
The default value is “One Month”, so I change the setting to “This session”.
So KeePass presses {TAB} to jump into the list box, presses 4 times the {UP}-key to change the value followed by the {ENTER}-Key to close the list box.

Then KeePass presses the {TAB}-key twice to focus the “Authenticate” button and {ENTER} to execute it.

This is a real example that I have in KeePass.
A very complex one, but it shows what can be performed in KeePass.