Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

I can not stand in the shadows of a real apple script programmer but it works for me. Feel free to share and improve it.


is there any auto-type / autofill solution for linux systems?
couldnt find anything for more then 2 years now - but maybe i missed something.

its a real shame that this feature is not officially implemented after such a long time.

AFAIK nothing on wayland (still waiting for some new portal that would serve that purpose).
But if you don’t mind switching to legacy xorg/x11 it global auto-type works great with KeePassXC.

BTW: it might also work on Wayland with some specific condition: if you force KeePassXC to use xwayland then it can auto-type to other apps that are also running in xwayland mode

i am not quite sure what you are talking about.
are you suggesting using keepasxc instead of bitwarden?
or can you use the global auto type from keepassxc on bitwarden?
it would be perfectly senseless to suggest using another app on a question like that in the bitwarden forum and the auto-type topic…

i am using keepassxc for years, but its a absolut pain in the ass using the browser plugins if you running firefox in snap/flatpak. its just not working if you like to be up-to-date with keepass and firefox in a debian based environment…

is there any auto-type / autofill solution for linux systems?

That did sound for me like a more general question regarding possibilities in Linux and not Bitwarden specific.
Seems like I misunderstood, sorry for that then.

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@ekasprzak, FYI

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Also, I agree, and thanks for the info.

I share the sentiment. I am a paid user for a few years. I installed the desktop app today, thinking that it would help me to autofill passwords in standalone apps. Turns out, it doesn’t.

If from Bitwarden’s desktop app I could fill in passwords at least in the browser, that would at least be something, but then, I guess, Bitwarden would have to scan everything I do.

I really hope the feature gets implemented soon, as this is sorely needed.

I just started using Bitwarden and this is the only feature I’m really missing from KeePass.

Please add this feature :slight_smile:

It seems to me that system-wide auto-type is definitely something the company is not willing to implement and the reason will remain undisclosed. Bitwarden is not an indie project and the feature is not that hard to implement. They simply won’t do it. Nevertheless, some other company will eventually appear, offering a similar service plus this feature. The users have a real demand for it.

I don’t think it’s about willingness. I think it’s pretty obvious that they just don’t know how. Despite some lip service, it’s should be obvious by now that this feature will never be implemented. We are moving on.


In that case I would suggest doing something about it:


As far as I understand it, the desktop client is an electron app, which basically means it’s a minimal browser displaying a “website”. This has the benefit that one app works on many systems ( windows/android/mac) but also means it hasn’t many interfaces to the host os (imagine any website coud type anything they want). I guess possible solutions could be to create a new custom service which the app could then communicate to or to write a whole new native windows client, which of course would be a lot of work.
Please correct me if I’m wrong…

Electron applications should be unrestricted from doing anything to the host, not least because they can call lower-level components written specifically for lower-level functions. I believe that that’s not an issue.

Autofill for desktop

Feature function

  • Add a button in each item, like thisimage.png and click it.
  • Then, press the shortcut key (like shift + 1), and it will input the username’s string one by one automatically, and press it again or (shift + 2), input the password in the same way.
  • Check the cursor if it’s in the textbox or password box will be better.

I think it would be a good function, I will use it more and more often if its work fine.

Not sure if I understood correctly, but I think we can already do that. I’m on macOS and ⇧⌘L will fill in the fields for me.

I know that, it can press ctrl+u/p and ctrl+v to paste the username or password in windows, but the problem is some app does not allow you paste the whole password, you need to input it one by one, and the shortcut key is a little uncomfortable.

I can see this being useful for stuff like Mega, discord, or even Steam. Can be a bit annoying to sort through the passwords in the desktop app to paste them in

Feature name

  • Ability to right click on context menu of entries to autotype username/password, similar to keepass. This will allow for username/password entry on none browsers etc.

Is this the same as Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps ?

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