Auto Sync Feature at custom interval

@tgreer is there any issue for you guys to implement this feature? so many people have been demanding this feature? i know there are other imp features needed, but even this feature is critical!!! i hope devs realize this.

@Martin_Swapnil This actually looks like an issue - we’re investigating why this isn’t syncing for all users as expected.

Total long shot here, @Martin_Swapnil , but try disabling IPv6 on your device and/or wifi router and see if that makes a difference. You can always re-enable it if there is no improvement.

Already using Ipv4, no improvement at all.

Yes, of course. But have you tried disabling IPv6?

We’re working on addressing this :+1:

Yeah I have. Still no improvement.

Hopefully you will provide an outcome on this problem as it is bothering not just me but quite a lot of people.

Any news on this? Auto-Sync does not work in Browser extensions here. We want to sync organization items automatically on create / update / delete, but it works only when syncing manually. Sync time of 30 mins / 60 mins is way to long. We want to sync on each create/update/delete automatically, or at least on a configurable interval.

We’re still working on determining the cause of the sync delays. Organization items are still designed to sync every 30 minutes.

Trey, could you please tell me if a sync problem I noticed is related or something different? Using the Mac client click on an item to view the full details. Now update the username for that entry using the browser extension. Like you said, the auto sync updates the vault in the Mac client BUT with one exception. In the list of vault items on the left I see the updated username for this entry BUT in the details on the right it still shows the old username. I have to click on another vault item in the Mac client and then go back to the one I updated to see the updated username in the detail view.

I can replicate this behaviour on my MacBook, also, but I am not having any syncing issues at all. So this is just the behaviour of the app and not a sync problem.

A lot of database applications work like this - when you perform a query of the db, a view of the data is returned. Unless there is some auto-refresh mechanism or you re-query the db, the view does not change. If you think it would be useful to add an auto-refresh function on the view of a Bitwarden item in your vault, I think this would be an in interesting new contribution to the Feature Requests.


Thanks David. I’ll add it!



Hi Martin,

We would gladly help you solve your Auto Sync problem if we could. But, like you, we are Bitwarden users, not Bitwarden developers or other company personnel.

We suppose that you mistook the prefix meta- in our user name to signify its secondary and modern meaning --after, above, beyond-- but that you overlooked our icon, which is that of a regular Bitwarden user.

If this is true, suffice to say that Meta Self is our legal first and last name, and we took the former from the etymological root prefix meta-, which means sharing and collaboration.


@Martin_Swapnil Updated Bitwarden Community icon name from “Bitwarden Community” to “Meta Self (a Bitwarden user and account holder).”

This is now one year later and:

  1. The sync issue still persists - last sync time for me was 10 hours ago. I have to sync manually.
  2. There is still no option to manually define sync intervals.

However, those are two different issues, and even if the 30 min sync worked as normal, there should still be an option to define it manually, e.g. 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc.

Your push-back on this feature request seem very odd, since this is suppose to be the more open, more transparent, more free alternative to other pass managers. Giving users MORE options and MORE control is the right approach. Control and restriction is not.

Sync issues appear to have been resolved many weeks ago, at least for the vast majority of Bitwarden users.

@Maria - can you provide some specifics of your Bitwarden services:

  • Is your vault on the Bitwarden servers or is it self-hosted?
  • If self-hosted, what version of Bitwarden are you running (or is it a third-party BW clone)?
  • What BW clients don’t sync for you (e.g., provide mobile OS and client version, provide browser type and version and BW extension version, Bitwarden desktop app and OS version, etc.)?

Thanks for the swift reply.

Self-hosted. Version: 1.54.0. Windows 10. Firefox, latest.

If you are hosting Bitwarden on premises, I would reach out to the Bitwarden CS team to see if they can help - Get in Touch | Bitwarden.

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New user and my experience with the syncing is extreme disappointment.

Support person sent me here to comment.

I have been told by support that syncing should occur every 5 minutes. For as often as I have been monitoring the syncing I have never seen 5 minutes. My experience is 43, 17,20, 15, 31min, etc… totally random.

Running current Windows 10 desktop version (v1.30.0) and Firefox browser version (1.55.0)

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