Auto scan for breach password periodically and an email if there is a breach

I saw there is a button to manually check if all password has been breached, it would be nice if there was a daily or even weekly check that bitwarden would do to see if a password is exposed and send an email saying so.

I think this feature is present in the premium version

I have the paid version, I don’t see an option that will send an email, maybe I missed it? I know there is a button to scan all passwords, but not one automatically.

The trick is, scanning your vault requires decrypting it :slight_smile:

Right now this service is done in-vault, and is of course only available when logged in and credentials are available to check. Having this run in an automated fashion could pose some concerns in that regard.


Good to know! :slight_smile:

Alternative approach:
Scan at least once a week whenever you login. If it’s been >168 hours since the last scan, scan again when logging in. Adjustable time frame, of course. You’ll keep things secure, and get a notification that it’s happening. Perhaps make it optional on login. “Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve scanned for breaches. Would you like to do this now, and be notified if any new ones are found? [Yes/No]”