Auto Save password on Firefox

It seems a new feature was added on Bitwarden extension for Firefox. Now very time I log in some sites a pop-up comes out asking if I want to save the credentials. While this can be nice feature for some suers, it sometimes really is a pain in neck. Is it possible to disable this feature?

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Hi @rkawakam,

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Selecting Never, will remember the url and not prompt you again.

Please also have a look at this thread: Save password while vault is blocked - #4 by djsmith85

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Hi Daniel,

Actually I was wondering if it would be posisble to disable this feature instead of aswering Never every time I do not want to save the password.This would yield more flexibilty.


Hi @rkawakam,

Currently there is no setting to completley disable this function. If you really need this, I’d ask you to create a post in our feature request category

Starting with version 1.55, I’m now getting this notification in Firefox even when BW is locked.

If I understand the topic correctly, an option may be to disable new login/login change prompts under Settings > Options.

The problem is the prompt to save the password is coming on every site even if I already have the password for this site saved in the vault. I don’t want to exclude the site by selecting Never and I don’t want to disable the prompt completely.


I am seeing the same issue and it seems to have started the week of Dec 6.
I tried logging completely out of GW, removing the FF extension, clearing cache/cookies/history - then re-enabling BW… the ID/PW save message still appears for websites that Ive had saved ID’s/PW’s for a few years.

Same issue with me. I get the prompt every time a visit certain sites no matter if I have saved it, or told it to never save. (Chrome on a PC)

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