Auto save new user credentials

I’m using BitWarden on iPhone, iPad and Mac. When I create a new username/pw on a website via chrome on the iPad, is BitWarden supposed to ask to save these new credentials? It is not doing this and I do not see such a setting.

The same is happening with me too, and it seems to have started after the most recent Apple updates. It’s only doing this on my Mac using Safari. Using Chrome or Edge allows it to notice new passwords and it will ask to save credentials. I’ve also noticed that on Safari, it’s not auto-filling passwords and the badge doesn’t show up on the Bitwarden extension icon.

Hi @Mark_Bergman, have you disabled Chrome’s ability to manage passwords?

Yes with no change in operation of BitWarden. Does this software break with every iOS update? I’m trying to like the software and the price is fair, but if it’s unreliable, I’ll pay more and continue using RoboForm.

Are you logged in? Do you see the Bitwarden badge in the browser’s toolbar indicating it is active? Are you certain the prompt wasn’t disabled in the extension settings?

Also, did you read the help pages to understand how it is supposed to work? If not, I’m pretty sure that you have just not using it correctly. Bitwarden has always been rock solid for me on Safari and Firefox.

My primary inquiry was regarding iOS.

My guidance was for @miken562.

But as for iOS, I have never had an issue with Bitwarden on that device, also. Again, it is likely a configuration issue, not a bug or anything like that.

When will this issue be fixed? I recently received the best workaround ever from BW support:

“As a workaround you could first log in to new websites on a device using the browser extension, save the credentials when prompted, then sync your iOS device to have that new credential immediately.”

Still no proper support for iOS devices. I cannot migrate fully to BW because of that missing basic feature. There was no warning on the website about it whatsoever and I was unaware before purchasing. Are we waiting for any update or not?

Hey @Nixing just to confirm, did you disable keychain?

Hi @dwbit ,

Correct, this is my current setting:

And which mobile browser are you using? Have you tested other browsers on your device?

I have tested on both Safari 15 and Microsoft Edge (v.103.1264.71). I have purposely not saved my login credentials for the BW Community website and BW does not ask me to save those (after successfully signing in) on both mobile web browsers.

Edit: Is there any solution or that functionality is non-existent?