Auto-save item when generating a password through the web interface and desktop app

Feature name

Auto-save item when generating a password through the web interface and desktop app.

Feature function

Currently, on the Bitwarden website, when editing an item and clicking on the icon “Generate password”, there’s a popup asking “Are you sure you want to overwrite the current password?”. After saying “Yes”, the textfield now contains a new password. However, if someone forgets to click on the “Save” button or presses the “Esc” key, the generated password is forgotten.

I believe Bitwarden should remember every single generated password in its password history and allow users to access that history. Currently, only saved passwords are stored in the password history.

Actual situation: I edited one of my items in the Bitwarden Vault by generating a new password. I then used that generated password with one of my accounts. Afterwards, I closed the browser by mistake and therefore there was no way to get back that generated password because I haven’t clicked on “Save”.

Similar feature request:

– Edit –

The desktop app actually remembers all generated passwords, so the feature request should only be applied to the web interface as pointed out by @tgreer in his comment.

And here: Unsaved changes are lost when move to another item

Easiest solution that even avoids similar issues if your computer freezes, reboots or shuts down or the website times out or has other issues:
First create the login credentials or make the changes within Bitwarden, then create the login or change the password in the app or on the website:

Sure that solution works, but there needs to be something in the interface to get back lost passwords just in case. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll now make sure to save, but it might happen to other people and they might be blocked off their account.

Open the extension, go to Generator and click onto Password History:


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Yes that’s the idea! But this password history needs to be in the web and desktop interface, not only in the Browser plugin.

It’s in every client :wink:

The web vault history is under tools > password generator > click the clock icon to the lower right

But it only includes passwords that were generated from the password generation interface. I’m talking about passwords that were generated from the “Edit item” in the “My Vault” interface. (My Vault > Edit item > click on password generator icon)

Got it! The desktop app should store from either, but the Web Vault, you’re correct, doesn’t save that history.

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