Auto Populate

Note: When I click on launch Bitwarden is not populating the usercode and p/w on selected files.

Till now Bitwarden does not support entering credentials into programs.
The latest official answer (from November 25th) is:

It’s 100% on our intended to-do list. The goal was to evaluate what options would be available with new password management APIs but not necessarily limit the scope to just those applications.
Absolutely more to come on this!

By the way:
Using the search before creating 2 identical topics would have given you the answer immediately:

But why am I getting ‘vault logged out’? That seems to be the hinderance to auto-fill doing its job.

It would help us to get some more details like: Which OS do you use? When do you get the message? Which auto-fill are you talking about? (“on Page Load”, using the keyboard shortcut or right click into an input box)

You however might want to take a look at this:
(Found by searching on Google for “Bitwarden” and “vault logged out”)