Auto-Login - found auto-fill but not auto-login

I did search the forum and found reference to this, but did not find an actual solution.

Is there a way to enable “auto-login”? Not auto-fill, but auto-login.

Thank you!

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You mean like (speaking inside a browser) saving cookies/IndexedDB/web storage and apply them? I don’t know of any solution that implements this. It might work with some sites for some time but depends on the service and the mechanisms they have server-side to validate against. There are too many variables to consider, is simply not viable for one-fits-all solutions.

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Actually, Lastpass supports auto-login. Been using it since Lastpass was first developed.

Yeah, I see it now… I used LastPass back in '10 and after the '11 issue never looked back. It seems it auto-fills and the auto-sends. And no, Bitwarden doesn’t have anything similar; you can however add a request, it’ll certainly make a good addition.


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