Auto-locking on Firefox Extension does not work (OSX 11.5 & FF 92)

Did a search here and on the help center but found no solution for my problem:
Using Firefox extension with the auto-lock settings set to 1 minute, but the vault does not lock at any time. Tried “immediately” too and other time-settings, nothing worked so far except logging out manually or shutting down the browser. It just never locks.
Is there anything I overlooked? I just started with bitwarden and love it, but without working auto-lock it is too unsecure and makes no sense using the browser-extension.
Any idea for help?

Argh, now that I wrote this a similar & seemingly exetensive post popped up – but no solution there except posting it on github as a bug – so there is no real solution for that?

Hi @BarbaraGo - welcome!

The Firefox extension will not lock if the BW interface is active on your desktop, such as if you have the sidebar open or you have an extension popout window open. The timer starts as soon as the interface to BW is closed. Might that be your issue?


oh, wow Thanks @dh024! Saw this issue but forgot to check on hidden windows. The sidebar indeed had automagically opened on every window I had open but inactive/minimized (quite a lot, I admit). Logout now works fine.

Thanks for triggering me to clean up my open browser-windows, too :smiley:

Note (in case it may be helpful for somebody): the sidbars stayed open after closing FF but reopening with previous session.