Auto-Lock 😡

Why on earth is this darn app auto-locking instantly and WITHOUT me closing the browser at all? Every site I go to and try to login I have to unlock the darn app. What’s wrong with this stuff?

@VisnuGD Some short first comments: The timeout-settings in both your screenshots don’t have anything to do with each other.

Screenshot 1: Your mobile app. The settings there only affect your mobile app.

Screenshot 2: Your web vault/app. The settings there only affect your web app/vault (= when you login to / directly in a browser) and they do NOT affect the mobile app.

Do explain why Everytime I have to login to x site I need too keep unlocking the app? I thought that’s why you set a time to keep the app unlocked for. But that isn’t doing can you explain it?

The mobile app and the browser work independently. But the mobile app shouldn’t auto-lock instantly by closing the mobile app - and the mobile app shouldn’t auto-lock by closing the browser, because the browser doesn’t affect the mobile app. - Did you try another session timeout setting, let’s say 4 hours?

Other things I would check are accu settings / accu management of Android. Because the Bitwarden mobile app mustn’t be “killed”/“closed” by Android. I think you should see at Android settings → Accu and Charging → Accu-Manager etc.

Then I have “accu usage of the app” (translated from German) - in Android settings → App Settings → Bitwarden - I think for the mobile app one shouldn’t use “optimized” but “unrestricted”.

(BTW, all on Android 13 for me – Android 14 might be different… and again: these are my translations from German - in English the used words might be different)

PS: Tipp for the usage on mobile: you shouldn’t involve the web vault when you just want to login to a website for example. The mobile app should directly - via auto-fill - make it possible to login. (and of course as you said, therefore the mobile app must either be already unlocked - or can be unlocked just for the login process)

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