Auto-lock doesn't work on Firefox


I use the Bitwarden browser extension and the auto lock doesn’t work. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled (the extension) and it just won’t work. Even the “Lock now” menu doesn’t work. Please help!

(also, can you add a way to lock the vault without going into settings?)

I think you may need to provide more information. I am using the Bitwarden browser extension in Firefox v110 on Windows 10 Home (64bit), and locking functionality works fine for me both the time out and the lock now feature. What OS are you using and what version of Firefox? Have you tried refreshing Firefox? In my experience, Firefox occasionally has unexpected behavior because it gets crudded up with old data, so if you go to Help, More troubleshooting information, there are options to Refresh Firefox and Clear startup cache. One of them might help…

There is a keyboard shortcut for locking the vault. By default, the key combination is Ctrl+Shift+N, but because your browser may use this combination for other purposes, you may have to re-map the shortcut used by Bitwarden.