Auto-generate password pop-up / Auto-fill pop-up

I’ve switched from Lastpass which had these features quite a while ago and I’ve even upgraded to premium on Bitwarden. But man I really miss these two features:

  • Auto pop-up generated strong password and with a click fill the password input

  • Auto pop-up saved login(s) for the website and with a click fill the login forms
    This is the same pop-up as password one, but it shows your saved username(s) for that site and with a click on one it fills the login forms
    (I tried putting the image for this but I’m not allowed to put two images as a new user here)

Some password managers put an icon at the end of the input as shown on the picture (logo of 1password) which by clicking on it opens the password generation pop-up instead of it being displayed automatically.

This is the one feature that’s keeping Bitwarden from growing into something bigger than it currently is and I sincerely hope that you consider this feature request valid.

Yes, this is a very common feature missing in BW.

Only 8 votes?
Wow, I thought people wanted this.

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To be honest, I actually never liked the pop-ups in Lastpass and am finding the BitWarden experience very clean and nice.

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This is a flaw with other pw managers as well. To offer an auto generate and not automatically update the vault is inane. It misses the whole point of being able to easily adapt to using super strong passwords.

Nobody wants to accidentally miss updating the vault and then have to go thru a lost password routine.

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Hey, really want this feature to be release on BW. I have switched from 1Password, at first it is not too painful BUT with passes of time, the missing of this common pop-up menu feature sole in itself sort of destroyed all may patient.

In the past, I would use the pop-up to auto-fill, to auto-generate (but it is ok if not have auto-generation included). Sometimes the TOTP is not in the same page, and depends on different site and language, the TOTP textbox may not be detected thus you have to first move your mouse to the top-right corner, search for BW extension if you have so many other extension, click the BW icon, select corresponding login, AND you have to click on the right end of such selection to opt for copy TOTP, and then Ctrl V to paste it (in BW if the TOTP textbox is not detected, all of the AUTO autofill is not working, like keyboard shortcuts, or simply click on your logins, IT WON’T WORK).

But with a pop-up, you 1) select your login, 2) select your login again for TOTP autofill (at least in 1Password is that easy), and you don’t even bother moving your mouse around. It also (maybe) involved some machine learning as sometimes it did not recognise the site or the purpose of such textbox, but after your manual selection, it remembered and will pop up normally in the future. It may seem not so different, but trust me man, every time you will miss this feature and if you have logged in hundreds of times, such negative emotion may consume you.

So, really hope this feature can be achieved on BW, the BW can remain its default, but please give us an option to choose whether or not we should have this feature enabled.

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve posted this recommendation @Sebastian_Liu.

I don’t believe this is ever going to get implemented, even as a option which can be turned off.

It’s truly beyond me how much people don’t want this simple yet great quality of life feature.

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