Auto-generate password pop-up / Auto-fill pop-up

I’ve switched from Lastpass which had these features quite a while ago and I’ve even upgraded to premium on Bitwarden. But man I really miss these two features:

  • Auto pop-up generated strong password and with a click fill the password input

  • Auto pop-up saved login(s) for the website and with a click fill the login forms
    This is the same pop-up as password one, but it shows your saved username(s) for that site and with a click on one it fills the login forms
    (I tried putting the image for this but I’m not allowed to put two images as a new user here)

Some password managers put an icon at the end of the input as shown on the picture (logo of 1password) which by clicking on it opens the password generation pop-up instead of it being displayed automatically.

This is the one feature that’s keeping Bitwarden from growing into something bigger than it currently is and I sincerely hope that you consider this feature request valid.

Yes, this is a very common feature missing in BW.

Only 8 votes?
Wow, I thought people wanted this.

To be honest, I actually never liked the pop-ups in Lastpass and am finding the BitWarden experience very clean and nice.