Auto-fill with custom fields to radio button and checkboxes


I want to input each fields as below with bitwarden at .

Pizza Size

Pizza Toppings
Bacon : on
Extra Cheese : on
Onion : off
Mushroom : on

Is there a way to auto-fill with custom-fields?
If yes, please tell me how do you set custom fields.

I read this article, but radio both button and checkbox have same name, and don’t have other attribute.

Using custom fields



i hope this will help you:


Thank you for your reply.

I tried your settings , and almost worked.
“comments = MyComments” was not filled.

and I added other fields like attached images, and changed size value from large to small.

then I auto-filled , but the result was odd.

About Pizza Size Selection and cheese check box value,
Are these results correct auto-fill behavior? ( Did I make wrong settings?)
or not expected auto-fill behavior?

yes you are right - i am sorry.
A closer look at the form and after some new tests, shows me that this structure is NOT supported by BitWarden’s custom fields (size, topping).:

“form”: {
“custemail”: “MyEmail”,
“custname”: “MyName”,
“custtel”: “MyTel”,
“delivery”: “10:15”,
“size”: [
“topping”: [

If anyone knows better than me, please post a reply.

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Thank you very much, nik.

I made boolean custom fields,
small check:on
medium check:on
large checo:on
, then they worked as I want to auto-fill.

these “small” or “medium” or “large” are value attribute.
value attribute is not listed in custom fields help page as identifier.

but, Bitwarden looks using value attribute as auto-fill identifer.

topping’s bacon, onion, mushroom checkboxes are also auto-filled by identifying with value attribute,
but, cheese ignored…